[Students] What is democracy?

Maret 19, 2015 oleh : admin

A group of International Relations Students taking Democracy Class creatively made a unique video about Democracy. As they are curious on what people are thinking about Democracy, these students were asking many different people asking what democracy is. They respondents they took are random includes foreigners, police officers, children, Becak (three wheel traditional public transport) rider and clowns.

“I am so proud of them, who have the courage to interview random people just like reporters on the street”, said Idham Badruzaman, the assistant lecturer of Democracy Class. Idham added that “Democracy would be different from one country to another as each one of them has different character and local wisdom. Idham has been assisting Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, MA in course of Democracy both in regular and international class.

The credit of the video goes to Winda, Nyssa, Hani, Baiq, Rizka, Rizki, Arif and Affan. Congratulations.