Nur Azizah, M.Si, Dr.

She earned BA, MA, and Doctorate degrees in international relations from Gadjah Mada University (UGM). She is former Commissionaire of the Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU), Yogyakarta. She has presented at the local and international seminars focusing on feminism and gender.

Fields of Interest : Gender and Politics, Democracy and Good Governance, Southeast Asian Studies, Australian Studies

Scientific Publication :

1. : ‘Feminism in International Relations’, International Relations Journal, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2006

2. :‘Women’s in Parliament : Indonesia – Australia Comparation’, Department of Foreign Affair Journal, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2008

3. ‘Women in between of Liberal Democracy and Religion Conservativism’, Radar Jogja Newspaper, 2009

Seminar Paper :

1.  “The Struggle for Gender Quota : Indonesia Malaysia Experience”, presented in KANITA-Universitas Sains Malaysia – Universitas Muhamamdiyah Yogyakarta, International Joint Seminar, Yogyakarta, October 15th 2010

2. “Women Political Participation in Indonesia  Malaysia”, presented in Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Kuala Lumpur, July 26th 2011

3.  “Decentralization Policy and Good Governance: Gender Perspective”, presented  in International Public Organization Association (IPOA) : Phenomenon on Public Administration at New Development Countries in Asian, Universitas Gurah Rai, Denpasar Bali, February 21st 2013

4. “Indonesia and The Global Gender Equality Regime”, will be presented in International Conference on International Studies (ICIS), November 2013