About us

Accredited “A”

International Relations Department provides two options of classes: international program conducted in English and regular program conducted in Bahasa Indonesia. Normally, we offer the international program which are conducted in English for foreign students in many schemes, such as exchange program, sit-in, and full time study program.

Our department has been assessed by the National Board of accreditation; and our grade is “A” for four times which recently has been awarded in 2014. The accreditation “A” makes so much different on the way we continue running this department and the way people look at us. We, of course continue the good work to keep this accreditation A in the next assessment and people keep coming to us to join us as part of the big family of International Relations of UMY.

International Relations Department was established in 1981 along with the establishment of this university, initiated by Prof. Dr. Amien Rais, one of the famous figure of Muhammadiyah organization. The department was an opportunity for many students who were interested in this department but there were not many places left in only few universities accross Indonesia.

The registered status had been obtained in1985 based on the formal letter from the ministry of education and culture of Indonesia No. 0417/O/1985. Later the status had moved up to “recognized” in 1992, and in1995 the status became “equalized”. As the system of assemessment changed, the department of international relations of UMY got the highest one which is accedited “A” by the national board of accreditation. The status of Accrediation “A” has been kept thrice in 2004, 2009 and 2014.


To be a study program which is excellent in international relations studies with theIslamic perspectives


1. Provide education and teaching in the international relations discipline along with the Islamic values and required skills for facing the global world.

2. Provide relevant reserach and community service which are needed by the society of Indonesia.

Several facilities are available to endorse the teaching process, they are:

1. Multimedia Class Every class is equipped with the LCD screen and its audio. In addition, air conditioner is set in every room which will make the teaching process even more comfortable.

2. Free Internet Access All areas within the university is available for accessing internet.

3. Diplomacy Simulation Room It can be used in practicing their knowledge in negotiation such as UN Simulations.

4. Laboratory of IR This lab is equipped with the literature of IR materials which many students find it useful for their thesis.

Head of department

Dr. Nur Azizah, M.Si. [profil]


Siti Muslikhati, S.IP., M.Si. [profil]

Head of International Program

Dian Azmawati, S.IP., M.A. [profil]

Head of International Relations Laboratory

Adde Marup Wirasenjaya, S.IP., M.A. [profil]